Thursday, November 22, 2012

Exploring Hualien

There is more to Hualien than just the Taroko Gorge. Arguably, the famous Taroko Gorge is the number one attraction that draws travellers to Hualien. However, the beautiful county offers much more and it will be a pity if you miss those little gems on your journey. Sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the Central Mountain Range,  Hualien boasts of splendid scenery and fresh air, and certainly makes for a wonderful playground for all nature lovers. With Highway 9 and Highway 11 spanning across Hualien all the way to Taitung, there are plenty of sights for you to take in along the way. Whether it’s by rail, public bus or zipping about on a rented scooter, that foray will be an unforgettable one. =)

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