Friday, November 30, 2012

Recommended eating places (Part 2) - 蔥油餅街,廟口紅茶,大土豆

Fuxing Street, Hualien City
Operating hours: Usually from 1 pm until sold out

There are a few shops along this street selling onion pancakes. The supposedly most popular one is at 102 Fuxing Street, easily recognizable by its white and red vertical signboard which says "炸彈蔥油餅", which literally means "bomb onion pancake". It is named as such for a good reason - the egg enveloped by the pancake isn't fully cooked and the egg yolk will "explode" when you bite into it. For an onion pancake with added egg, it costs NT$25. You have to specify if you want the egg to be fully cooked. If you wish to order an onion pancake without egg, it costs only NT$20. Take note that the queue may be long and you are likely to have to spend some time waiting for your order to be ready.

Supposedly the most popular shop selling onion pancakes along Fuxing Street

Pardon the mess! The egg yolk literally exploded. Messy but tasted so good.

This shop has its fair share of supporters too. Also worth checking out.

This shop sells a different sort of onion pancake, generously packed with spring onions.

No. 218 Chenggong Street, Hualien City
Operating hours: 24 hours

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Open for 24 hours everyday, this is a perfect supper place and well-liked by the locals. The menu offers you a wide variety of options - from desserts such as peanut soup, red bean soup, green bean soup, to savory food such as fried carrot cake, egg pancake, dumplings etc. Of course, you'll also find the usual range of beverages that the locals love - tea, soy bean, and almond drinks. You may find yourself spoilt for choice! 

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花蓮市博愛街207-1號 (博愛店)
花蓮市富國路118號 (富國店)
No. 207-1 Bo'ai Street, Hualien City (Boai outlet)
No. 118 Fuguo Road, Hualien City (Fuguo outlet)
Operating hours: 11.30 a.m. - 11 p.m. 

This shop sells desserts such as beancurd, shaved ice and rock sugar barley at a price range of NT$25-40. A recommended post-dinner place for some simple sweet satisfaction.

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