Saturday, December 1, 2012

Part 2 of my Taroko exploration

The second day of my Taroko exploration involved a fair bit of walking. I first alighted at Buluowan, did the Buluowan-Swallow Grotto trail, reached Swallow Grotto, did a portion of the trail, and was lucky to be offered a ride by a tour bus while I was waiting for the tourist shuttle to get to Lushui. (The bus driver told me I was standing at a dangerous spot, at risk of being hit by falling rocks. Phew. He was kind to stop his tour bus and asked me to hop on.) 

Upon reaching Lushui, I did the Lushui trail (2 km). Subsequently, I walked from Lushui to Tianxiang, possibly about 1-2 km up-slope. From Tianxiang, it was another about 2.5-3km up-slope to Wenshan Hot Springs. My day ended with making that return journey to Tianxiang, from which I boarded the tourist shuttle to go back to Hualien railway station. Rather exhausting but it was a fabulous weather day so no complaints there! 

Arriving at Buluowan. Splendid weather to begin my day with.

Cultural exhibition hall

Buluowan to Swallow Grotto is downslope.

Going down the slope took 15 minutes.

Reached Lushui.

Beginning of the Lushui trail

Distance of 2 km

The Lushui trail leads to Heliu.

Views along the way

Heliu camping ground at the end of Lushui trail

Walking from Lushui to Tianxiang

Passing through the tunnel

Enroute to Wenshan Hot Springs. Continue walking from this juncture. It's about 2km away.

An indication that you're nearing.

See the flight of wooden steps on the right? That's the way to Wenshan Hot Springs.

Down the stairs...

You'll have to pass by a bridge.

Peer down and you'll see the hot springs

Popular spot among the locals for a rejuvenating dip

Bring along a towel and a change of clothes if you want to soak in the hot springs.


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  1. Thanks for the informative blog of yours. Will use your itin for my Taroko G journey